The Benefits of Pumpkin in Dogs
The Benefits of Pumpkin in Dogs
Nov 13, 2023 - Antelopepets

If you ask us, it wouldn’t be fall without pumpkin-flavored everything. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin cereal, and bizarrely enough, even pumpkin spice caviar (which doesn’t contain fish eggs, if you were curious) all seem to be staples of the 2023 fall season, but did you know that your pup can partake in the pumpkin craze too? While your dog can’t enjoy pumpkin spice in the traditional sense, you can offer them good-ol-fashioned pumpkin as a snack or even to enhance mealtime. In fact, pumpkin is as nutritious as it is tasty and has a long list of benefits that make it an excellent addition to your pup’s diet. 

Happy Gut, Happy Pup

Did you know that—just like humans—your dog’s gut is the core of their immune health? In fact, about 70% of a dog’s immune system can be found within their gut, making it an important cornerstone of their overall health. Enter pumpkin. Rich in dietary fiber and full of nutrients, pumpkin soothes upset stomachs, firms up inconsistent or runny stool, is incredible helpful for constipation thanks to its high moisture content, and even helps lower acidity in your dog’s large intestine. 

Pumpkin is also full of prebiotics, which feed the helpful probiotics—or “good” bacteria—in the gut. By feeding your dog foods rich in prebiotics, you can help support both their gut and overall health. 

A Great Snack for Slimming Down

Pumpkin is a tasty, low-calorie snack that’s perfect for dogs who might be on a diet or need to watch their weight. If you notice that your dog has put on a couple extra pounds, we recommend replacing a part of their normal food with some canned pumpkin –– 10% is the magic number here, so that no nutritional imbalances occur.. While it might not be high in calories, it’s densely packed with all sorts of helpful vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your pup’s overall health. 

Rich in Nutrients

Pumpkin is full of many different––and helpful––vitamins and minerals that are all excellent additions to your dog’s diet. 

  • Vitamin A: Supports healthy eyes and vision, as well as skin and coat health. 
  • Vitamin C: Great for immune health, this vitamin is also ideal for supporting and reducing inflammation.  
  • Vitamin E: An antioxidant that helps other nutrients synthesize, supports healthy cells, is great for skin and eye health, and even helps to metabolize fat. 
  •  Iron: A necessary mineral for dogs, iron helps regulate their circulatory system and helps maintain several helpful processes in their body. 
  • Potassium: An important electrolyte that helps prevent dehydration and helps to regulate pH levels in the body. 

  • A Natural Solution to Parasites

    While pumpkin is not intended to replace any antiparasitic medications that your vet might recommend for your dog, it does naturally help repel parasites thanks to cucurbitacin — an amino acid that can be found within it. Cucurbitacin has been found to be toxic to parasites and can even help expel them, making pumpkin an essential ingredient to your dog’s overall wellness. 

    Pumpkin Preparation Tips

    As tasty as pumpkin pie is, you really shouldn’t share a slice with your pup. If you’re wanting to incorporate pumpkin into their diet, try unseasoned canned pumpkin instead. Or, you can use a supplemental product like Super Snouts’ Firm Up! digestive aid or their Pumpkin Latte powder.