Everything You Need to Know About Pet Insurance
Everything You Need to Know About Pet Insurance
Apr 08, 2024 - Antelopepets

Adding a new pet to the home is one of the most exciting parts of life. We want to do everything right by our new cat or dog to give them a long, happy life. But vet bills are expensive and the prospect of adding pet insurance can be overwhelming. Which insurance company should you go with? What’s covered? Is it even necessary? Fortunately, everything you need to know about pet insurance is right here!

Why is it important?

Pet insurance helps you pay for unexpected veterinary expenses due to accidents or illnesses. Every six seconds, a pet parent is faced with a vet bill for roughly $3,000, and one in three dogs will need unexpected veterinary care each year! Facing those kinds of expenses can be impossible for some, so pet insurance helps you cover these expenses so you can focus on getting your furry friend well again, rather than expensive vet bills.

How does it work?

Discuss with your family what your insurance priorities are. Find a pet insurance company that fits your price range and covers what you want covered. If you choose a pet insurance company like Doggo, you simply fill out your information to get a quote and sign up online. Then, once your pet visits the vet, you submit the invoice to your insurance company and they will reimburse you the predetermined amount.

Important terms

The jargon used by insurance companies is overwhelming! Let’s break it all down in easy-to-understand terms:

  • Deductible: A deductible is the amount you pay for your pet’s vet bills before the insurance company will start reimbursing you for vet bills. 
  • Pre-existing condition: A pre-existing condition is any health concern that has bene diagnosed and/or treated before insurance coverage started.
  • Wellness coverage vs accidents and illnesses: Wellness coverage is preventative care that keeps your pet healthy like routine veterinary visits, vaccines, and flea/tick/heartworm medications. Accidents and illnesses are times when your pet is hurt or sick, including chronic conditions or age-related diseases.
  • Reimbursement rate: The reimbursement rate is the percentage of the veterinary bill that the insurance agent covers. 
  • Premium: The premium is the monthly amount you pay to keep your insurance active. This amount is based on your pet’s age, breed, and where you live. This also varies based on how you set your deductible, reimbursement rate, and maximum annual payout.

Let’s pull it all together! 

As an example, let’s say you have the Doggo standard plan for your poodle Fluffy. Your plan has an 80% reimbursement rate for covered incidences, up to the annual limit of $10,000 and you have an annual deductible of $250. Fluffy has no pre-existing conditions and, unfortunately, has become sick over the weekend. After extensive diagnostic testing and treatment, you have a vet bill of $1,200 in covered treatments. You’ve only paid $150 of your annual deductible, so you pay your remaining deductible of $100. Doggo then reimburses you that 80%, or $880 of your $1200 bill.

Why Doggo?

Doggo insurance covers any pet over 8 weeks old with no upper age limits, because every pet deserves insurance! Doggo also allows you to visit any licensed veterinarian in the US, Puerto Rico, or Canada.

What Does Doggo Cover?

Doggo covers:

  • Accidents (ex: bite sounds, cuts, swallowed objects)
  • Illnesses (ex: cancer, dental disease) 
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions (ex: heart disease, hip dysplasia)
  • Behavioral issues (ex: excessive licking, pacing, destructive chewing, etc)
  • Alternative therapies
  • Chronic conditions
  • Prescription medications for accidents and illnesses
  • Stem cell treatments
  • Microchip implantation

Clearly, Doggo is thorough in their medical coverage, but they’re also truly unique in that they also have certified professional dog trainers ready to help as a value-added service. 

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