Our Brands

Founded by Jay and Susan Weiss in 1996, Ark Naturals is focused on using the highest quality, natural ingredients to create products that work together to create intentional regimens designed to improve the quality of your pet's life. With synergistic products for dental, hip & joint, skin & coat, senior dogs and wellness, Ark Naturals is dedicated to keeping your pet "Healthy from Tooth to Tail."

Bocce's Bakery is an all-natural pet treats company founded in 2010 in a tiny NYC kitchen with a mixer, oven and scruffy mutt named Bocce. Today, the brand is recognized as an industry leader within the pet treat space, maintaining its commitment to create a positive change in the pet aisle by reinventing the way we think about feeding our pets.

Started as a grassroots effort in 2011 by partners Christy & Dawn Love, Super Snout's mission has always been to create smart and honest products that honor the human-animal bond. Today, they're recognized as a leader in the CBD supplements markets, and their iconic "Firm Up!" product can be found in independent pet stores across the nation.

Doggo is a digital pet insurance and services platform founded in 2018 in memory of a dog named Ody. When Ody developed cancer, his mom, an elementary school teacher, took on a second job to pay for his care. Doggo's mission is to make pet ownership more affordable by taking a customer-centric, data-driven and holistic approach.

My Perfect Pet was founded by Karen Neola in 2007 with a commitment to formulate diets that are 100% complete, balanced, and safe for pets. Karen recruited animal nutritionists and veterinarians to help formulate blends that contained only ingredients that are proven to be easily digested by dogs and perfectly balanced to fuel energy and boost their immune system.



The highest quality products and ingredients, from the very first idea to your dog's food bowl.


Know where and how your pet's products are made.


Push the boundaries of pet health.


Keep your pet healthy so they can stay active and strong.


Making tails wag, and mouths drool.