How to Prep Your Pup for New Year's Eve
How to Prep Your Pup for New Year's Eve
Dec 30, 2023 - Antelopepets

While New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration for us humans, it’s often stressful or downright anxiety-inducing for our pets. But with a little bit of prep, patience, and some outside help, you can make sure that everyone in your household, pup included, enjoys themselves on the last night of the year. 

Set up a safe space

Having a designated space for your pup to relax in is a great way to alleviate some of their stress on New Year’s Eve. We recommend moving their bed or crate into a quiet room –– think your bedroom or office –– and playing some soothing music on the television. You can also have your dog begin associating this space with safety by feeding them there, putting their favorite toys there, and offering them positive reinforcement when they go to the room on their own. 

Get them moving

Because a well-exercised dog is less likely to be an anxious dog, get them moving before the festivities start. A long walk around the neighborhood or an extended game of fetch are all great ways to destress your dog. Don’t forget mental stimulation either — something as simple as an at-home snuffle mat is the perfect way to enrich their minds and help them shake off some of their anxiety. 

Give them something to chew on

Fun fact: dogs “self-medicate” through the act of chewing and can actually ease anxiety on their own. By offering them a durable chew toy, a bully stick, or another dog-safe item designed to be chewed on, you can help them feel more calm and at ease. We recommend Super Snouts Bully Sticks, which come in two sizes and are chemical free. If you want to combine chill out time with dental care time, consider offering your pup an Ark Naturals Extreme Clean dental chew, which is not only a more durable chew designed for super chewers, but one that helps clean the teeth. A win-win for everyone, if you ask us!

Use calming products

There’s nothing wrong with relying on a little outside help, especially if your dog seems overwhelmed or stressed. CBD supplements like the ones made by Super Snouts Hemp Company can be small but mighty ways to chill a nervous pet out. Some of our favorite products made by Super Snouts are their Chill+Out chews and their Plain+Jane chews, which are both made with broad spectrum, USA-farmed hemp. Hemp, which is not to be confused with THC, is a powerful anti-inflammatory and calming agent that supports balance within your dog’s system. 

And if CBD supplements aren’t your style, you can always try Ark Naturals Happy Traveler soft chews, or Bocce’s Calming supplements, both of which contain an effective blend of ingredients formulated with your nervous pup in mind.

Don’t be afraid to consult your vet either, especially if you can’t seem to calm down your anxious pet on your own. 

Some other preparations to make 

Our pets should never have alcohol, chocolate, or seasoned foods, as those things are toxic to them. It’s also important to make sure that their identification is up to date. Lastly, make sure that you’re being reassuring, patient, and, more importantly, rewarding for non anxious behavior! 

Happy New Year, from all of us at Antelope.