Store Spotlight: The Natural Pet Enrichment Center
Store Spotlight: The Natural Pet Enrichment Center
Feb 18, 2024 - Antelopepets

Visiting your local independent pet store is a great way to connect with fellow pet parents who are as interested (and involved!) in their pet’s health as you are! On top of that, these stores often pride themselves in carrying only the highest-quality products made with the best ingredients. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with the Natural Enrichment Center, an independent pet store in North Royalton, Ohio, to chat about family legacies, the importance of education, and all things Antelope. 

Built on a family legacy

For over sixteen years, the Natural Pet Enrichment Center has been bettering the lives of pets in the North Royalton area with the help of a passionate team made up of family members and animal lovers alike. When owner and founder Christine McCoy, who had always had an interest in pet nutrition, couldn’t become a veterinarian, she chose the next best career path and dedicated herself to opening a pet store that aligned with her personal values and extensive expertise. Now, the Natural Pet Enrichment center is run by Christine, her husband, their daughter, and their granddaughter — talk about a family legacy!

Improving health through education

For the McCoy family, a mixture of dedicated research and holistic nutrition was what brought their English Bulldog back to optimum health after she developed several health issues. Inspired by their experiences with their own dog, they now strive to educate their customers about the importance of raw foods and clean eating for our pets. In fact, the Natural Pet Enrichment Center’s motto is “when you know better, you feed better.” 

And they aren’t just all talk either. The Natural Pet Enrichment Center proudly boasts the largest assortment of raw and gently cooked foods in Northeast Ohio with thirty five freezers under their single store’s roof. 

What it means to up the ante on pet care

The Natural Pet Enrichment Center has not only carried Antelope products for four and a half years, but is a fan of them as well. Some staff favorites include Bocce’s Training Treats and Bocce’s Soft & Chewy Treats. When asked what Antelope’s mission to up the ante on pet care meant to her and her family, Christine McCoy said that it means “[giving] the best quality products for your pets, step it up a notch for sure!”

If you find yourself in the North Royalton area, be sure to visit The Natural Pet Enrichment Center. And if you’re looking for an independent pet store near you, check out our store locator!