The Perfect Birthday Celebration for Your Pet!
The Perfect Birthday Celebration for Your Pet!
Mar 02, 2024 - Antelopepets

Happy, happy birthday to all the pets celebrating this March! We’ve put together this blog post for that super special Pisces or Aries in your life complete with their monthly horoscope, their celebrity birthday twin, and a tasty recipe that’s sure to get the party going. 


Your Pet’s Birthday Horoscope

For the Pisces Birthdays 

February 19th - March 20th

March is all about tapping into your pet’s passions. The new moon in Pisces encourages you to get creative with their daily routine and liven it up with new treats or toys. Use this month to experiment with a fresh way to do things and watch your Pisces pet thrive. 

For the Aries Birthdays

March 21st - April 19th

Be prepared for an excess amount of energy in March for your pet. You can expect lots and lots of playtime or long walks in your future as well as theirs. When the sun enters Aries later in the month, you may begin to notice a spurt of confidence. Lean into their energy and watch as they shine!  

Which Celebrity is Your Pet’s Birthday Twin?

Justin Bieber - March 1st

If your pet is energetic, creative, and loves to be the life of the party, you might have a mini Justin Bieber on your hands. 

Daniel Craig - March 2nd

Is your pet curious, pragmatic, and a bit unpredictable? You can probably thank Daniel Craig for that. 

Camila Cabello - March 3rd

If your pet is warm, loving, and never fails to bring excitement, fun, and spontaneity to people’s lives, then they’re definitely like Camila Cabello. 

Queen Latifah - March 18th

Your pet might be most like Queen Latifah if they’re compassionate, understanding, and like to avoid conflict. 

Elton John - March 25

If you’ve noticed that your pet is enthusiastic, adventurous, and people-oriented, that’s probably thanks to Elton John! 



A Special Birthday Treat

The other dogs at the park will be green with envy after they hear about your dog’s St. Patty’s Day inspired cake:

What You’ll Need:

Bocce’s Birthday Cake Mix

Bocce’s Birthday Cake Biscuits

3-4 Russet Potatoes

½ Cup Plain Greek Yogurt

Handful of Fresh Spinach 


  1. Make the Birthday Cake according to the directions on the back of the box. 
  2. While it’s baking, cube the potatoes and boil under tender (approx. 20 minutes). Drain the water and pour into a large mixing bowl.
  3. Blend the Greek yogurt and spinach together — you can adjust the amount of spinach based on your desired green color!
  4. Mash together the potatoes and yogurt/spinach blend, or use an electric mixer to blend all of the ingredients together.
  5. Once your cake is cooled, spread the “frosting” mixture over the cake, and top with Bocce’s Birthday Biscuits!

We didn’t forget about the cats celebrating a birthday this month! Check out this Lickable Cat Treat Recipe.