4 Tips to Keep Your Pup Calm this Fourth of July
4 Tips to Keep Your Pup Calm this Fourth of July
Jun 15, 2024 - Antelopepets

While there’s no doubt that the 4th of July is a fun holiday for us humans, it’s notoriously known to be a high-stress affair for our pets. If you’ve been searching for tips and tricks to keep your pup calm during the festivities, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s four easy ways to make the 4th a breeze for you and your dog! 

1. Create a Safe Space

A safe space is the perfect place for your pup to hunker down during fireworks and the stress of unfamiliar people or places. Plus, they’re extremely easy to set up. Simply fill a room in your home with your dog’s food, water, favorite toys, and a few blankets, and then let them gradually get comfortable in the space during the days leading up to the holiday. By creating a space that’s full of comforting, recognizable objects, you can help keep your pup calm and collected as the night progresses.

2. Play Some Music

Did you know that dogs tend to react positively to classical music and that it tends to have a calming effect on them? Once you’ve established their safe space for the evening, you can set up a speaker and either put on a playlist or find a Youtube video made with dogs in mind. 

Alternatively, white and pink noise work great for calming down your dog as well. There are tons of options on Spotify and Youtube for you to choose from. Just don’t forget to save the playlist or video for later if it’s a hit with your pup. 

3. Get Some Exercise

Sometimes, all a nervous dog needs to relax is some exercise. Before the main festivities can begin, take your dog on an extra long walk around the neighborhood or in a park so that they don’t feel as nervous later on. Alternatively, you can give them some mental stimulation too. Break out a snuffle mat or their favorite puzzle toy – they’ll get a boost of enrichment all while exercising their brain. 

4. Get Some Outside Help

Sometimes our dogs need something a little extra to help them calm down. Enter Bocce’s Calming Supplements and Ark Naturals Happy Traveler chews. Both of these products are formulated with ingredients that can help soothe nervous pups. If you think your dog might need something a bit stronger, we always recommend Super Snouts Chill+Out CBD chews — which are made from hemp grown right here in the USA!