April Showers: Making the Most of Indoor Time With Your Pet
April Showers: Making the Most of Indoor Time With Your Pet
Apr 24, 2024 - Antelopepets

Spring can be a great opportunity to bring your focus from your dog’s physical fitness to their mental exercise. But how can you keep your dog entertained and fit while not getting soaked in April Showers yourself? Fortunately, there are plenty of options to entertain and tire out your dog while still staying dry. Here are just a few to get you started.

Teach Some New tricks! 

Dogs learn best when there are limited distractions, so being stuck at home is a great time for this. A new trick could be as quick and easy as teaching your dog to catch a tossed treat, or as complex as putting his own toys away.

Switch up Meal Time

Try creative feeding! Instead of putting your dog’s meal in their bowl, hide bits of their meal around a room while your dog is in a “stay” or watches from behind a gate. Then, release your dog to sniff and find all the pieces! As your dog gets more confident with this, try hiding the food when your dog isn’t watching for an added challenge. If your dog isn’t much of a “nose hound” you can get a puzzle feeder and fill it with their favorite food to get their mind going during mealtime -- Boomer’s Chicken and Beef Blend from My Perfect Pet is a great option here!

Reboot your dog’s focus

You’ll never be more interesting than a squirrel, but you can make your dog responding to his name more of a reflex than a choice. To do this, start by stashing treats in containers on tables and counters around the house -- Bocce’s Freeze-Dried Beef Liver is a favorite! Randomly throughout the day, say your dog’s name and go together to a treat station when he looks at you. In addition to responding to his name more reliably, this also helps him learn that you’re worth listening to even when you don’t have a treat in your hand.

Being stuck indoors doesn’t mean your dog has to go stir-crazy. Instead, take advantage of this quality time to get creative and build a closer bond!