Fall Activities To Do With Your Dog
Fall Activities To Do With Your Dog
Oct 13, 2023 - Antelopepets

Fall is finally in full swing and we couldn’t be more excited about it, especially as the passionate pet-owners we are. Between all the cute pumpkin-shaped toys on the market, the absolutely adorable costumes and bandanas, and the countless seasonal dog-friendly activities, fall really is the perfect time of year to own a pet. 

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Is it really fall if you don’t visit a pumpkin patch? While not every patch is going to be dog-friendly, many are. To guarantee a pup-friendly patch, make sure you check their website or read some reviews before you make the decision to visit. Once you’re there, not only can you snap some adorable photos, but you can also let your dog pick out a pumpkin of their own to take home. The best part about bringing a pumpkin home with you is that you can turn it into a tasty and nutritious snack for your pup when you’re done admiring it! Just make sure you prepare it right: the stem, flesh, and seeds (when raw) aren’t easy for a dog to digest. Searching for some additional fun activities with your pup? Take a look at the Antelope Instagram page for some fun ideas! 

Embrace Spooky Season

If you have a dog who is especially easygoing and can hold a sit for more than a couple of seconds, we can’t recommend you try the viral ghost trend more. All you need is a treat to capture their attention, a bedsheet, some scissors, and a little bit of patience. You can even match with your dog and take themed photos with them! 

And if you’re looking for something a little more elaborate, plenty of stores sell adorable costumes just for dogs. Or, you can try your hand at DIY-ing one if you’re feeling crafty.

But hopping on TikTok trends isn’t the only way to make the most of spooky season with your pup. Bring them along with you if you plan on going trick-or-treating, or even throw a Halloween party for you, your friends, and their dogs. 

Get Out in Nature 

What better time to get outside than when the leaves are changing color and the weather is finally cooling off? Whether you start planning longer-than-usual walks for you and your dog, or go full send and finally check out that hiking trail you’ve been saving forever, fall brings the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature and kiss those sticky summer days goodbye for a while. 

Get Cooking… or Snacking!

We’re not shy about admitting that we think that the seasonal food offerings of fall are unmatched, and not just for us humans! While we can’t share our favorite soups with our pups, we can offer them any number of the dog-friendly food options that are as nutritious as they are classic! From pumpkin puree to apples to even turkey (as long as there’s no skin or seasoning on it), you don’t have to worry about your dog feeling left out this season. Just remember that you can enjoy a pumpkin spice latte, but your pup can’t! Steer clear of foods made with garlic, raisins, and chocolate as well. Check out some fun fall themed recipes on our Instagram page!