How to Help Relieve Your Pet's Spring Allergies
How to Help Relieve Your Pet's Spring Allergies
May 21, 2024 - Antelopepets

Our pets can suffer from springtime allergies just like us! With tree pollen and grass pollen season among us, you may notice your pet displaying some signs of allergies such as itchy skin, watery eyes, and even sneezing. If you notice any of these symptoms happening consistently, there are also some things you can do from home that may help provide some relief. 


Bath Time

If your pet has dry and itchy skin, sometimes a soothing bath with oatmeal shampoo can help. Colloidal oatmeal is shown to have soothing effects on the skin, and may help reduce dryness and itchiness

Eye Care

If you notice your pet has itchy, watery eyes, a saline rinse, warm compress, or other eye rinse such as Ark Naturals Eyes So Bright may help them feel more comfortable. The eyes are a very important part of your pet’s health and any changes or issues should be taken seriously. The saline rinse and warm compress are just temporary fixes to help your pet remain more comfortable.


There are also supplements that can be of help in alleviating your pet’s allergies, with your vet’s approval. Super Snouts Allergy Support Supplement is one such product that is specifically designed to help relieve pet allergies. This particular supplement keeps your dog’s immune system and histamine response as healthy as possible, since “CBD helps maintain normal overall health by supporting natural inflammatory response and supporting normal comfort levels.”

How Can Allergies Impact Behavior

At home remedies for your pet’s allergies can be helpful in reducing uncomfortable symptoms to give your pet immediate relief. But it is also extremely important to remember that not all issues can be taken care of at home and should be brought to your vet’s attention. Any time you notice changes in your pet’s physical condition, it can also affect their behavior. If your pet is suddenly itchy and uncomfortable due to springtime allergies, it may make them more irritable or bothered by things they previously didn’t care about. If you find it challenging to perform the eye care or bath, try pairing them with a tasty treat like Bocce’s Good Hair treats (which may simultaneously help their coat!). 

Hopefully, with the help of these home remedies, you and your pets can enjoy the springtime allergy-free!