Keeping Your Pet Cool for the Summer
Keeping Your Pet Cool for the Summer
May 27, 2024 - Antelopepets

As the temperature rises during the summer months, it's not just humans who feel the heat – our pets do too. Dogs and cats are susceptible to heat-related illnesses, so it's crucial to take proactive steps to keep them cool and comfortable. Here are some essential tips to ensure your pets stay safe and happy during hot summer days.

Provide Ample Water

Just like humans, pets need plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially in hot weather. Make sure your pet has access to fresh, clean water at all times. Place multiple water bowls around the house and replenish them frequently, especially if your pet spends time outdoors. Clean the water bowls daily too since bacteria thrives in warm weather.

Avoid Midday Exercise

The hottest part of the day is typically between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. During this time, the pavement can become scorching hot and can burn your pet's paw pads. Limit outdoor activities such as walks or playtime to early mornings or late evenings when the temperatures are cooler and spend time on grass rather than asphalt whenever possible. When asphalt isn’t avoidable, touch it with your hands to get an idea if it’s too hot for your dog. Check on your dog’s paw pads regularly and, if you notice cracking or other signs of damage from harsh environments, be sure to treat with something like Super Snouts Paw Balm. 

Provide Frozen Enrichment

Help your pet stay cool while preventing boredom by providing frozen food puzzles. Instead of giving your pet their meal as usual, try soaking it in water and freezing it before giving it to them. Gently-cooked food like My Perfect Pet is a great option for this since the food is already so jam-packed with moisture. You can include your cats in the fun by freezing a tube treat like Ark Naturals Lickable Dental Treats. Once the tube has been in the freezer, squeeze out the frozen treat and letting your cat lick and chew it up. 

Keep Up With Their Grooming

Keeping your pet's fur trimmed and well-groomed can help prevent overheating. Brushing only occasionally means loose fur can build up in your dog’s coat, trapping and preventing body heat from escaping. Consult with a professional groomer to determine the best grooming routine for your pet's breed and coat type.

By following these simple and effective tips, you can help ensure that your pet stays cool, comfortable, and safe during the summer months. Keeping your pet cool is essential for their health and well-being, so be proactive and take the necessary steps to keep your animal companions cool and happy all summer long.