Meet Antelope's Rescue Pets
Meet Antelope's Rescue Pets
Apr 26, 2024 - Antelopepets

ICYMI: Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is April 30th! To celebrate, we wanted to highlight the stories of some of the pets that the Antelope team have rescued as well as raise awareness about a few shelters doing some incredible work to benefit the lives of animals everywhere. 

Meet Ziggy

“I submitted an application for another dog first, but for some reason it never went through — the next day, I saw a picture of Ziggy (formerly Tango) and it felt like fate! Pack Leaders took him and others from a high-kill shelter in Arkansas to give them a better chance at finding a home. I met him, he leaped straight up — about 3 or 4 feet in the air — and I knew he was mine.”

- Allie M., Ziggy’s mom.

Pack Leaders Rescue

Ziggy was adopted from Pack Leaders Rescue, which operates out of Connecticut and is dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and cats locally as well as from the South. 

Meet Oliver

“We got him as a pup after his litter was dumped at a shelter. He was certified with Pet Partners as a therapy dog and we made visits to libraries, elementary schools and hospitals. He now lives out retired life with our 4 yr old. His litter was dumped at Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue at only 1 day old after the owner found their older Newfie had puppies, despite not knowing she was pregnant.”

  • Mel S., Oliver’s mom.

Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue

Oliver was adopted from Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue, which is based in Colorado and, to date, has rescued and adopted out over 6,000 pets. 

Meet Macchiato


“We originally learned about Macchiato thanks to my mom’s neighbor, who volunteered at the shelter that found him and was amazed by his solid brown coat! I immediately put in a foster-to-adopt application for him and my husband and I were approved to take him home once he got a little older. A pretty bad hurricane was predicted to come through our area a few weeks before he was scheduled to be officially adopted, so we ended up taking him home earlier than expected! He’s been with us ever since and we can’t imagine life without him.”

  • Natasha H., Macchiato’s mom. 

Suncoast Animal League

Macchiato was rescued from Suncoast Animal League, a shelter in Florida. Originally founded in 2006, they’ve since helped over 20,000 animals either receive the car they need or find their forever home. 


Meet Gravy


“We heard about Gravy through a college roommate who had adopted from the same litter – full of cuddly & super friendly kittens. We applied & were approved and so excited to pick her up and when we got there and asked for Gravy, we learned there was a bit of a mix up and turns out the shelter had named her Grady and we misheard the volunteer over the phone, but we stuck with Gravy (it is much more fitting for our food obsessed cat!)”

  • Savanna G., Gravy’s mom.

Main Line Animal Rescue

Gravy was adopted from Main Line Animal Rescue, which operates out of Pennsylvania and focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming animals in need. They also have several programs committed to animal welfare!