Store Spotlight: Four Muddy Paws
Store Spotlight: Four Muddy Paws
Jan 19, 2024 - Antelopepets

If you’re local to the St. Louis area and searching for a one-stop-shop that provides everything you need for your pet, look no further than Four Muddy Paws! We had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Jensen and Matt Brazelton, co-founders and owners, to talk about the impact our pets have on our lives, health and nutrition, and, of course, all things Antelope. 

A Life Dedicated to Their Dog

Four Muddy Paws first opened its doors in 2004, two years after Jeff and Matt found the dog of their dreams on a camping trip near Salem, Missouri. Immediately, the pair knew that they wanted to give their new dog—who they named Salem—the best life possible, including only the best natural and holistic products that the market had to offer. When their city’s local stores didn’t carry the products that they wanted to give Salem, they took matters into their own hands and Four Muddy Paws was born. 

Almost twenty years later, Four Muddy Paws now boasts two locations and that same dedication to giving our pets the quality products that they deserve. Not only are they proud to carry the best pet products out there, but they also have a self-service dog wash, professional grooming options, fresh-baked birthday cakes and treats, and all sorts of cool pet gear that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Upping the Ante on Pet Care

Salem dramatically changed the direction of Jeff and Matt’s lives and to this day, the pair remains committed to the ideology that good health can be achieved through quality nutrition and supplements. Every product that they sell has been hand-selected, thoughtfully researched, and determined to be of the highest quality. Plus, they ensure that it’s something that they would use for their own pets. 

Antelope products have been carried by Four Muddy Paws since the beginning as well. Some of their associates’ favorites are:  Ark Naturals dental chews, Bocce’s training treats, and Diggin Your Dog Firm Up! When asked about what Antelope’s mission of upping the ante on pet care meant to them, they replied, “Antelope will always strive for superior products including sourcing, ingredients, value and effectiveness in helping our pets live long and happy lives together.”

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