Store Spotlight: Mutts & Co.
Store Spotlight: Mutts & Co.
Dec 27, 2023 - Antelopepets

If you’re looking for a great place to find high quality brands, truly passionate pet people, and something for every dog or cat, consider checking out your local independent pet store. Usually family-owned and dedicated to giving back to their community, indy pet stores are a great resource for truly upping the ante on pet care. 

We sat down with Mutts & Co., a local leader and pet store that’s been operating out of Columbus, Ohio since 2007, about their stellar services, pet nutrition expertise, and of course all things Antelope. 

Something For Every Dog or Cat

Not only does Mutts & Co. have products specifically designed for every dog, cat, puppy, or kitten, but they also offer services to help your pet keep living their best lives. Pet owners can take advantage of a self-serve dog wash as well as professional kennel-free grooming services at their local stores. On top of that, Mutts & Co. occasionally hosts local events like vaccine drives, holiday photos, and more, making it the premier destination for pets, pet owners, and pet lovers in the Columbus area!

Because Knowledge is Power

If you live in Columbus and have been wanting to make changes or improvements to your pet’s diet, look no further than Mutts & Co. On top of stocking high-quality, natural products, Mutts & Co. also employs Wellness Advocates who have “firsthand knowledge and training on how healthy pet food and quality care can contribute to an increased quality of life.” On top of that, Mutts & Co. also has certified pet nutritionists working at each store and frequently has representatives from their pet food manufacturers visit stores to share their knowledge with staff. “Knowledge is power, and Mutts & Co. packs a lot of power and knowledge in pet nutrition.”

Upping the Ante on Pet Care

When it comes to values, Mutts & Co. and Antelope are closely aligned. Having carried Antelope products for over four years, Mutts & Co. is not only familiar with what Antelope has to offer, but fans too. One of their favorite products is Super Snouts GI Balance for digestive support, and their customers are big fans of all things Bocce’s too! When it comes to upping the ante on pet care, Mutts & Co. is always “aiming for the best in pet health and wellness,” just like Antelope is! 

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