A man holds open the door to Paws on Chicon, an independent pet store, for another man who is walking a large black dog.
Store Spotlight: Paws on Chicon
Oct 23, 2023 - Antelopepets

We had the opportunity to sit down with Paws on Chicon, Austin’s local nutrition-focused pet store, to talk about all things pet wellness, drag shows for a good cause, and what it means to up the ante on pet care. 

A Vision Turned Reality

Paws on Chicon was founded in 2018 by Keith Zeiler and was inspired by his own dogs, Kona and Kylie. While the store has only been open for about five years, it’s been a vision of Zeiler’s since 2012! Now, Paws on Chicon is known as one of the coolest pet shops in the US, and is famous for its dedication to raising nutritional standards for all pets. 

Nutrition-Focused Care

The Austin community might come to Paws on Chicon for the pet-friendly froyo and the dog wash station (which comes free with a complimentary drink!), but they stay for the wide variety of solutions the store provides for their pets’ allergies, digestive issues, and skin/coat problems through diet and supplement offerings. In fact, Paws on Chicon sticks to their nutritional philosophy and strives to make the “best recommendations of real and wholesome foods with the freshest, high quality ingredients available.” 

Giving Back to the Community

Paws on Chicon was voted one of the coolest pet stores in the US for a reason. Not only are they experts in providing the best products around for your dog or cat, but they frequently give back to the Austin community in a multitude of ways. If you find yourself in the area during the fall, you absolutely have to check out their annual drag show. Dogs from all over come dressed in their most flamboyant drag attire and the proceeds from the event go to local pet and LGBTQ+ charities. 

Upping the Ante on Pet Care

If you’re an Austin local, Antelope’s products might be right around the corner from you. Paws on Chicon has carried products like Bocce’s treats, Stash Shankzilla, and Super Snouts supplements since first opening its doors. Zeiler frequently gives his dogs Super Snouts Super Shrooms for immune support and CBD products for stressful situations like fireworks or thunderstorms. 

When we asked Zeiler about what Antelope’s mission meant to him, he replied “Antelope's mission fits hand in hand with ours, which is to help pet parents provide their pets with their longest, healthiest lives through better nutrition.”

Paws on Chicon has shown us that pet care is a labor of love, and there’s no doubt that it truly embodies the Antelope spirit of upping the ante on pet care. Whether you’re an Austin local, or a pet owner just passing through, make sure you add Paws of Chicon to your list of stores to visit –– and don’t forget to try the froyo!

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