Thanksgiving Foods You Can Share With Your Dog
Thanksgiving Foods You Can Share With Your Dog
Nov 15, 2023 - Antelopepets

This Thanksgiving, be sure to save a spot at the table for your pup. While they might not be able to indulge in all of the same yummy foods that we do every year, they can enjoy some of the classic holiday staples. Whether you plan on sneaking scraps to your dog or making them their own plate, read on for our favorite pet-friendly foods and as well as some that you should watch out for. 



Thanksgiving dinner is hardly complete without a turkey at the center of the table, but did you know that your pup can enjoy a few pieces of it throughout the evening as well? When prepared properly, turkey is a lean protein source that tastes great and is rich in vitamins and minerals. Just make sure that you’re only offering your pet plain, unseasoned, and completely cooked turkey meat without any bones or skin. Cooked bones especially are dangerous for your pup to ingest, as they can splinter in your dog's mouth or stomach and cause injury. 


While not every vegetable is dog-safe, quite a few found in your typical Thanksgiving spread are. As long as they’re free of seasonings and butter, you can share both fresh and cooked vegetables like carrots, broccoli, and green beans to your pet. If you’d like to slip them a little sweet potato as well, make sure that it’s cooked and that the skin is removed. Vegetables are rich in fiber, vitamins, and other helpful nutrients that are perfect for keeping your dog healthy, and can be used to enhance regular mealtime throughout the entire year, not just Thanksgiving!


We don’t recommend sharing a slice of pumpkin pie with your dog, but you can give them pureed, unseasoned pumpkin as a treat. Not only does pumpkin contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, iron, and potassium, but it’s also a great solution for upset stomachs and inconsistent stool.  And if you happen to have some raw pumpkin seeds on hand, try roasting them for an hour at 350°F and keeping them on hand as an easy snack for your pup. 


Cranberries are natural antioxidants that double as a tasty treat for your dog. This superfood is dense with vitamins, manganese, and copper and can provide excellent support to your pup’s immune system. Not only that, but cranberries can also help prevent urinary tract infections. Avoid cranberry juice and cranberries processed with extra sugars, and instead sprinkle small amounts of whole or dried cranberries on top of your dog’s food. 

Enhance Mealtime

If you want to enhance your dog’s regular meals while still maintaining the spirit of the holiday, try introducing some Super Snouts Turkey Tail to their diet. This supplement uses turkey tail mushrooms to help improve immune health and is great for any dogs who might experience seasonal allergies. 

And because everyone deserves extra treats around the holidays, Bocce’s has a plethora of seasonal offerings to sweeten up your pup’s life. Whether you’re proud to be “basic” and looking for a treat that embodies pumpkin spice season, or you’re the type of person who puts their Christmas tree up on November 1st, there’s something out there that your pup is sure to love. 

What to Look Out For

Foods cooked in butter or with seasoning might be tasty to us, but they tend to be harmful for our pets and can lead to conditions like pancreatitis. You should also avoid foods made with xylitol and other added sugars, as our dogs’ bodies don’t process it the same way our bodies do. 

Some other foods that could pose serious risks to your pup include:

  1. Grapes and raisins.
  2. Onions.
  3. Chocolate, candy, and other sweets.
  4. Gravy.
  5. Stuffing.
  6. Alcohol.

If you suspect that your pup might have accidentally eaten something they shouldn’t have, make sure to contact your veterinarian!