Introducing the Water Bowl
Introducing the Water Bowl
Oct 02, 2023 - Antelopepets

Hi there! If you’ve been wanting to up the ante of your pet-parenting game, you’ve come to the right place. Let me introduce you to Antelope, a company made by pet parents for pet parents. If there’s anyone who understands what it’s like to own a pet, it’s us, and we want to use our expertise to help you in any way we can. 

One Dog Who Changed Everything

Back in 2021, a little rescue dog named Poke became the inspiration for what is now known as Antelope. His mom and our founder Wendy Wen wanted only the best for him, and as it turned out, the best was sort of hard to find. That’s why she took matters into her own hands and assembled a family of honest and wholesome pet brands that she could trust to take care of her own dog. 

Pet Parents Who Get It

Here’s the thing: not everyone can relate to the panic you feel when your cat is suddenly throwing up at 3 a.m., or when your dog starts barking at nothing in the middle of the day.  Almost all of us here at Antelope are pet parents who have lived through our fair share of anxiety-inducing moments with our pets. Let us be the ones that not only celebrate the little victories with you but help ease the stressful moments too! Between our experiences and the knowledge of our Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Lindsey Wendt, you and your pet are in good hands with us. 

So… What Can You Expect? 

When you visit the Water Bowl, you can expect to find posts covering overall pet health, answers to your burning questions about dog or cat behavior, our favorite places to take our dogs, and more! We don’t want to just be the company that makes your pet’s favorite treats or supplements; we want to add value to your life and create a judgment-free space for you to ask all the questions you usually save for your Google search bar. Just like you might enjoy your water cooler chats with your coworkers, we look forward to all pet parents and their pets coming together at The Water Bowl to catch up on anything and everything!