Tips on Traveling with Your Dog
Tips on Traveling with Your Dog
May 09, 2024 - Antelopepets

Planning a trip with your dog doesn’t need to be stressful. With these tips and tricks, you can focus on what’s really important: making memories with your pup. 

Before Your Trip

Before the big day, there are several things you should do to ensure that everything goes smoothly for you and your dog. Here are some of our suggestions. 

Visit the vet

We suggest taking your dog to the vet before your trip is even booked. Not only can they determine whether or not it’s safe for your pet to travel, but they can also provide you with vet records that show your pup has their vaccines up to date – a necessity for travel. Also be sure to refill any necessary prescriptions (including prescription food) that your dog might need for your trip.  

Check your records

On top of an updated vaccination record, you should make sure that your dog has up-to-date tags and a collar/leash with the correct contact information attached to it. Make sure that you also have a recent photo of your dog either on your phone or printed out. 

Pack the necessities

On top of prescriptions, you should also have enough of your dog’s food to comfortably last you the entire duration of your trip. If you’ll be traveling by car, remember to pack water for your pup as well! Bringing along some treats as motivation is never a bad idea, either. For treats that don’t take up much space but are tasty all the same, we can’t recommend Bocce’s Training Bites more!

Some other necessities that you should pack are:

The Day Of Your Trip 

If you’re flying

If you’re driving

  • Be ready to take lots of breaks – especially bathroom breaks.
  • Try to get some of the excitement out before getting in the car! A long walk or some playtime can help make your dog less jittery when you’re on the road. 
  • Reward your dog often.
  • Just like with flying, you can use supplements to help calm your dog down. 
  • Make sure that your dog has enough space in the car and that they’re comfortable. For small dogs, make sure that they’re safely secured. 

Don’t Forget to Sight-See!

And if you run out of treats, no need to worry. Our store locator will help you find a pet store near you where you can stock up on all your faves. 

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