Ways to Make Food Seem More Appealing to Your Pup
Ways to Make Food Seem More Appealing to Your Pup
May 16, 2024 - Antelopepets


If your dog isn’t interested in his food anymore and you’ve ruled out any medical causes with your vet, all hope isn’t lost! Sometimes, all you have to do is make the food more appealing to your pup. Before switching to a new food entirely, try these tips and tricks.

Make Sure the Food is Fresh

We don’t find stale food appealing, and neither does your dog! Even though most dog food is shelf-stable in its bag at the store, as soon as you open up a new bag, the food starts to go stale, or worse, rancid. Proper storage keeps food fresh much longer. Instead of pouring the bag of food into an airtight container, put the entire bag with the food into the container to keep the food freshest and only buy bags of food that you can use within 2 weeks.

Make the Food More Fun

Even fresh kibble can seem stale when it comes from the same old bowl. So let your dog play with their food! Use your pup’s food to teach fun tricks or toss his meal into the yard and let him forage for his dinner. There are also plenty of puzzle toys to choose from. Some interactive treat-dispensing toys are even large enough to fit an entire meal. Find other ways to make mealtime more enticing through puzzle toys in our post about Making the Most of Indoor Time with your Pet.

Boost Your Bowl with Toppers

Adding fresh or cooked dog-safe fruits, vegetables, and meats is a great way to make food seem more appealing to your pup. If you don’t have the time to prepare toppers yourself, you can buy different types in most pet stores, like Bocce's Bakery Food Toppers. While a fully fresh food like My Perfect Pet is ideal, you can also use it as a topper to entice pups to eat their meals.

Being fresh and creative with your feeding will help your pup eat his heart out. Just food for thought!