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Keep your pup Healthy from Tooth to Tail with Ark Naturals’ premium pet products. Their full line of supplements and wellness products are carefully crafted to keep your pet healthy and happy throughout every life stage.

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Our Promise


We Never Compromise

Even as we grow, we’re forever committed to providing the highest quality products for your pets to enjoy. We don’t cut corners and we never compromise when it comes to ingredients. Our pets are family and family deserves the best.

Disrupt the Pet Industry

Whether we’re introducing our DENTA-METER™ to help dogs find the right chew for them, or creating products with Astaxanthin to help stop plaque and tartar from sticking to the teeth, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We consider ourselves real tailblazers in the pet industry and are proud to set the standard for what innovation should look like. 

Support Through Every Life Stage

Our pets are our whole world and we want to see them thrive at every stage of life. With Ark Naturals, you’re not just caring for their health now, you’re investing in their future with synergistic products that can be used to create a whole health regimen. 

We put the fun into functional

As pet parents ourselves, we know how important it is to give them products that are tasty and actually work. We’ve been carefully crafting our trusted formulas in the USA for over 25 years with highest quality, globally curated ingredients and a promise to you that we never use artificial flavors or colors. While dogs are busy drooling over our chews, you’ll be free to rest easy knowing they’re in good hands.

With A Chew For Every Dog

Our dogs are as unique as we are, which is why we’re proud to offer a chew for every pup no matter where they are in life. From preventative dental chews to protect those pearly whites to senior-formulated joint support chews to maximize mobility, Ark Naturals is your one-stop shop for your dog’s whole health needs.


Healthy from Tooth to Tail


While our products are highly effective on their own, they work even better together. Create a customized whole health regimen that’s sure to keep the smiles coming and your pup Healthy from Tooth to Tail®.

  • Cognitive

    Gives the brain the boost they need.

  • Dental Care

    Healthy starts here.

  • Skin & Coat

    Ditch the itch with a fresh coat.

  • Digestive Help

    Happy tummy, happy life.

  • Hip and Joint

    Guaranteed years of playtime.

dog dog

Something for all your Dog’s needs

Kiss Bad Breath Goodbye

Ark Naturals' Breath Bursts chews clean and polish teeth. Breath Bursts are perfect for on-the-go freshness.

  • Two sizes: bits (for small dogs) and sticks (for large dogs)
  • Available in two flavors: cinnamon and peppermint
  • “Soft” on Ark Natural’s DENTA-METER™ Hardness Scale

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